Sensory processing and swimming like a doggy.

ZiP en zwemmen als een hondje.

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At the moment we are busy with marketing, with the question ‘Why did we create our company, what do we want to share with the world?’ And most importantly, we would like for Sensory Processing to become more wellknown. How wonderful would it be, if people became much more aware of their sensory processing profile! If everyone would know about that… What a great way to get to know and appreciate the effect of the outside world on your body and mind. What a great way to take into account your own uniqueness and what you need. And also: what a great way to learn to respect everyone’s uniqueness.

So, while I’m thinking ‘Why do I want to share knowledge about sensory processing?’ I think about how this knowledge would have helped me as a child. For example with those traumatizing swimming lessons. Cold water, foul chlorine smell, poor vision (I had glasses), fear of water in my ears and especially the high pitched noise of yelling people. Fortunately I was allowed to leave swimming lessons, because it gave me nightmares. But it certainly could have been different. The overwhelming amount of unknown sensory input could have been built up slower, so I could have maybe gotten used to it. I could have gotten more explanation (that lady is really not yelling because she is angry and she can really save you even though she has clothes on). I would have loved to have had earplugs and there would probably have been a solution for my glasses.

With knowledge about sensory porcessing, my school and the swimming club could have made a nice plan. Involving some education and information for the swimming teacher. My parents could have helped me buy earplugs. I myself could have realized that my sensory processing in a swimming pool needs some support and that this is completely normal. And best of all, I could have learned to swim better! Because, although I can survive in water and I was once affectionately told that I “swim like a doggy”, I never made it to a swimming certificate.

These memories make me so eager to spread the word about sensory processing, to help all the children in the pool, who have it so much easier with our tips. How wonderful would it be if we realized the impact sensory processing has on our lives! Will you help us spread the word?

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