“Our lectures are interactive. We show video’s and there is lot’s of room for questions.”

Our lectures

SenSo loves to talk about sensory processing, for instance during a conference. We can join you online and we also like to visit, for example on continued education days.

Our lectures are very informative and also interactive. We explain, in an accessible way, about:
  • What is under- and overresponsiveness?
  • What behavior is associated with being under- and overresponsive?
  • What characteristics of behavior are most important to be able to see that?
  • What solutions are there?

During the lecture we show videos and photos so that you get a good idea of what behavior may look like, in case someone is under- or overresponsive. During the entire lecture we ask you to look at behavior with the SPi-glasses on. This means you will be looking at behavior with sensory processing in the back of your mind as a possible cause for the behavior you’re seeing. We introduce various solutions that you can immediately apply in your situation the next day.

There is plenty of time for questions during and after the lecture. The lecture lasts on average 1 to 1.5 hours. The duration can be adjusted to your needs.


The costs for the standard lecture is €750.00 (plus travel and accommodation expenses for lectures on location). It is suitable for a large audience. For an adapted lecture, the costs depend on the preparations and how long the lecture lasts.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and your needs. monique@dutchsensorysolutions.com

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