Our mission is

Sharing information and practical strategies – with as many people as possible – about sensory processing (SP) and being under- or overresponsive. Because living (together) and learning is simpler and more enjoyable, having that knowledge. 

Sensory processing affects life and learning

The whole nervous system is so intricately put together, it's actually a miracle that it usually does its job properly. Sensory processing (SP) is about the brain working together with the senses and how this influences our behavior.

When you look at people, it is nice that you can see from their behavior what they need in terms of sensory input. They unconsciously avoid or seek input, sometimes with behavior that can be quite disruptive. But because of that behavior they get (or avoid) sensory input that is necessary to be able tlive pleasantly and to be able to learn. It is important to know that some people can be under or overresponsive. This has a lot of influence on how you feel and therefore also on what you can and cannot handle.

If you know about sensory processing and how you can adjust activities and the environment in case of under- or overresponsiveness, then living and learning suddenly becomes much easier. And that is my mission; I share information and strategies about sensory processing to make your life easier!