Our mission

Sharing information and practical strategies – with as many people as possible – about sensory processing (SP) and being under- or overresponsive. Because living (together) and learning is simpler and more enjoyable, having that knowledge. We do this on this site and through:

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Our vision

The starting point is that people subconsciously know which behavior works for them. With information, they can take care of themselves and find strategies that allow them, in their unique way, to participate in the world as best they can.

Our book: Sensory Solutions in the classroom offers parents, teachers and other (care) professionals a guideline for recognizing underresponsive and overresponsive behavior and also tools for dealing with this.

About SenSo


Sensory Processing

Would you like to know more about under- and overreponsiveness?

You are very welcome to attend one of our courses or lectures

Would you like to invite us to give a lecture or course about sensory processing? Online or in your country? (We would be happy to visit :-D) Let us know through monique@7zintuigen.nl. We'll teach you:

  • Sensory solutions in the classroom (and at home)
  • Sensory Solutions at home
  • What under- and overresponsiveness looks like
  • Sensory Solutions for people with a mental impairment


Go to 'services' for more information and to look at the possibilities for an incompany training.

Upcoming courses (in The Netherlands, all in Dutch)

Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, training courses can be given online or on location.

For professionals and parents

Al these courses will be Dutch spoken (please check for registration links on Dutch site version)
Full day (6 hours) €210
2022: Online: 20 Jan, 17 Mar, 19 May, 15 Sept, 17 Nov
2022: BCN Arena Amsterdam: 14 Apr, 16 June, 27 Oct, 15 Dec
Registrationlink on Dutch site version
Parent workshops in Veghel, 3 hours €90 /€105

InCompany for groups on request!

Registrationlink on Dutch site version
Please contact us at monique@7zintuigen.nl if you would like to work together to provide schooling in your country.
Oa 3 hours €105

InCompany for groups on request!

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Programs from one hour, for half a day, a full day or more days are possible.
Full day 6 hours €295
2022: 23-3 (Utrecht), 5-4 (A’dam), 9-5 (online), 21-6 (Zwolle)
Registrationlink on Dutch site version
Entire day. €210
Mar 17, 2022 Groningen

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More on our possibilities

We are happy to tell you many, many things about Sensory Processing (SP). We do this, for example, in a lecture or during a training course. In an accesible way, we explain about the influence of SP on living and learning. We show what behavior looks like when SP is not working properly and we share simple strategies.

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Our courses

Wether for (special) education, institutions or at home, we provide courses that match your needs.

We are situated in The Netherlands and can provide online courses. And we would be happy to visit. Check here for more info.

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Our lectures are interactive. We show video's and there is lot's of room for questions.

After a lecture you will have a basic understanding of sensory processing. And you will be able to observe behaviour and decide wether someone seems to be under- or overresponsive. Check this page you'll read more about the possibilities. Let us know via Monique@dutchsensorysolutions.com how we can help you and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss this!

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Sensory Profile

Do you use the Sensory Profile and do you work with people that exhibit complex behaviour and have complex (health) problems? Make maximum use of the 'SP-NL 4-12' with a complex target group.We will teach you how the Sensory Profile can assist in analizing complex behaviour and making decisions on how to choose the right strategies. Check this page for more information about the training. Or email Monique@dutchsensorysolutions.com.

About Monique Thoonsen

Who is behind SenSo and Sensory Solutions?

Monique is an expert in sensory processing, and she writes, teaches and consults on this subject. She is fascinated by how sensory processing works, which is why she has decided to dedicate her professional live to it. She started doing this in the 1990s, when she was working in the U.S.A. Monique has taken many courses at Sensory Integration International, the organization of Jean Ayres (founder of Sensory Integration Theory). In The Netherlands she has studied the subject further by reading books and taking even more courses. She has now written four books on the subject in Dutch and one of these books was translated in English: Sensory Solutions in the classroom.

There are solutions for being under- or overresponsive, solutions that are practical and easily fit into people's daily routine!

As a physiotherapist and pedagogue, she advised and guided hundreds of children, adults, parents and teachers in cases where difficult behavior was caused by problems in sensory processing. She has experience with different groups: people without disabilities, with a (severe) intellectual disability, with autism, with a language development disorder, gifted people, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, students in special education and students in regular education.

It's her mission is to share information and practical strategies about being under- and overresponsive with as many people as possible. So that people feel better and can therefore live and learn better!

Bestel hier!

Our newest (Dutch) publication
Sensory Solutions for people with a mental impairment

Hopefully this book will be translated to English in the not to distant future. Sensory Solutions for people with a mental impairment is recommended for anyone who can use practical tips. It is written for people whow are mentally impaired and their parents, volunteers or professionals.

Want to know more?

Have we piqued your curiosity?! Do you want to know what we can do for you or do you have another question or comment? I would love to hear from you, please e-mail me at Monique@dutchsensorysolutions.com.

What participants say about our courses


In all the years that SenSo ('7 Zintuigen' in The Netherlands) has been active, with various training courses and lectures and four (Dutch) books in the Sensory Solutions series, we have received a lot of fun, sweet and especially motivating feedback from teachers, parents and students.
Here you can read what they say about us.

Lots of knowledge and examples that match my practice. Practically oriented and applicable.
Primary School teacher

“Nice variety in working methods and exercises in between to keep us sharp. That made it easy to follow this training online.”

“Many practical examples, experiences and exercises that you can immediately link to your own practice.”


“The training has made me realize that I have labeled a lot of children as overresponsive while they may have been underresponsive.”


Lots of knowledge and examples that match my practice. Practically oriented and applicable.


“New insights, well told, nice teacher!!”


“The SPi viewing guide is very enlightening.”


“Practical, immediately applicable in my daily work.”


“The way Monique gives the course is great. Very amicable and accessible. The whole thing with the variety of activity worked very well for me!”


Magazine (Dutch)

Monique Thoonsen has put together a (Dutch) magazine about sensory processing in 2020! She was able to do this through the participation of many fellow specialists and scientists. This (Dutch) magazine about Sensory Processing is published both online and in print with various articles about what Sensory Processing is and how we should deal with it in practice.

Click on the image on the left to see the digital version of the magazine (Dutch).

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